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Short Films (Βραχιόλι Φιλίας)

Alice is a 12 year old, looking for her lost father. A friendship bracelet will help her find him. The bracelet eventually will unite her parents with the bond of solidarity.

Still Photographer & Casting: Danny Koumniotis

Cast: Haris Grigoropoulos, Jois Evidi, Matthildi Maggira, Litha Foster, Georgina Xoulei.

Directed by: Dimitris Andjus
Editing & Cinematography: Nikos Kakonas
Music: Stathis Drogosis
Sound design: Andreas Ntroulias
Sound Mix: Andreas Ntroulias & George Kourmpelis
Production Design: Despina Rapti
Make up Artist & Special Effects: Eua Kaisaki & Christoforos Trousas
Hair: Edisa Aida Lecini
Script: Effie Kotoula
Written & Produced by: Kalliopi Villy Kotoula
Bracelets: Mata Matakis Chari & Φρουφρούδια
Creative Icon Films 2016